The Villa

The Italian noble residence of Villa Pieve in Corciano was built up during the 1800 over a XV century catholic chapel, still perfectly conserved inside of the building.

Situated in the Umbrian hills in front of the Pieve Castle, Villa Pieve enjoys the most privileged view of the ancient fortress, the green valley and the medieval town of Corciano, providing a historical and inspirational atmosphere.

Built in 1400's, the little Church called "Pieve" was restored and refined in the 1800's under the direction of Nazzareno Biscarini, famous Perugian architect. Today the Pieve Chapel is still perfectly conserved inside of the Villa Pieve. It is a small, sacred jewel, of a secluted atmosphere further enhanced with antique furnitures and centuries old frescoes.

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A unique place, for the body and the mind.

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